Machinooyako Table

We envision inclusive society for children and parents and encourage child-rearing in a positive manner. We contribute towards such society by community building, child-friendly city, parent education, and online shop that suggests a lifestyle to grow with children.  

Our approach got inspired by Montessori education method and behavioral science. Action and movement towards change comes from mind but mind is very much influenced by how environment is designed.

Concept “Machinooyako”: We are all “machino oya” (i.e., parents for children in society) and all children is our “machino ko” (i.e., children for society)

Our vision and approach is in line with UN’s Social Development Goals (SDGs).

We suggest lifestyle to observe and listen to children’s movement and voice. We also suggest make inclusive space and cities by creating a bridge for children and parents who tend to be excluded from public space.
We make change towards child inclusive cities by providing access to public spaces by designing them inclusive.
We provide learning opportunities for children and parents not in the classroom but in the community.
We will collaborate with parents with grown up children to contribute their quality and memorable toys to us to be handed over to the next generation in community and low-income household. (in preparation)

“Machinooyako” is the community building initiative where for both parents and children they have a chance to meet new people and new experiences on their own. In this community, children is inclusive i.e.,not dependent on adults. They share roles and do what they can in their capacity.

Machinooyako Table


We make change towards inclusive society for children by collaborating with partners who share our vision. Our partners include consultants of life value creation team, neuroscientists, data scientists of NTT Data Institue of Management Consulting Inc, teachers of Association Montessori Internationale, designers, event organizers for children and parents etc.

NameMachinooyako Table (NGO in preparation)
LocationNishiogi Kita 2-3-9 6F, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-0042
ContactTel: (+81) 90-6143-5343, E-mail:info@machinooyako.com
DirectorYoko Kobayashi
FoundedJuly 10, 2015
Mission and ValueOur Vision: Inclusive society for children and parents
Our Mission: Empower children and surrounding adults and make them smile